October 9, 2020

A food destination that will leave you drooling

If you’re heading to Slovenia anytime soon — and you’re a foodie — you’re in for a treat. Because there are lots of great Slovenian foods to satisfy any palate! In fact, Slovenia is overflowing with so much good food, but there’s more to enjoying food than simply eating it. There are unique and local ways for foodies to have a gourmet experience. We have tried and tested all restaurants around our home region and are serving them to you on a silver platter. See our favourite places to experience the amazing food below. Consider it the Slovenia bucket list for foodies!

This blog post is covering the regions of Obsotelje, Kozjansko & Posavje which are just around 1 hour by car from the capital Ljubljana or 1,5 hours by train so it is ideal for a weekend away to explore the countryside and indulge in delicious food. We’ve included something for everyone — these restaurants range from high-end dining to local farms, so we’re sure you’ll find something you love. Find below our top places for best food in this region.


There were two of the restaurants that really stood out to us — Restaurant Repovž in Šentjanž and Restaurant Ajda in Sevnica.

Though Repovž is not as easy accessible, it’s location in the south of Posavje offers a travel a countryside that is excellent entry point to local but very much upgraded local cuisine. We assure you, this Michelin recommended restaurant is well worth those few extra kilometres. Our lunch in the middle of their home garden right next to the church was an unforgettable experience! The culinary experience here is next level and the local wines really surprised. We did not know there are so many exquisite wine producers in this region. Must tries are champagne Domaine Slapšak and the red wine Blue Franconian from Huba.

The Restaurant Ajda is another must visit while visiting this region. It has a renowned chef from Montenegro that has an experience working in a Michelin restaurant. Something that certainly reflects in the overall experience.

While the first one is the family owned restaurant and the second is the hotel’s restaurant, they both offer an exquisite taste experience that is pleasing to the eye, an amazing ambience, refined service and special menus with tastes of Posavje and flawless wine pairing. Tip: splurge on the degustation menu with wine pairing in both of them — you deserve it.


In addition to enjoying your food, at Tri Lučke Restaurant you can also admire the view, unique ambience and pleasant atmosphere, which conjure up a perfect gastronomic experience. The restaurant sits high on the hill with a view of Krško and has tables spread out on the spacious terrace next to the pool with the view of the vineyard.

One of the specialties is the Krškopoljec pig. The cuisine here is enthusiastic about the homeliness, all dishes are local specialties with a twist, unexpected and rich flavours.

They also offer accommodation with a great buffet breakfast. It’s a very quiet place with divine views all around, so if you’re looking to get some rest and enjoy the outdoors look no further. If you want to see more about our stay head to our Instagram highlights or you can find more details for accommodation here.


One of the first things we do when we arrive to Sevnica is buy some Blue Franconian wine. It’s one of this area specialties we just can’t get enough of when we visit. It’s so different from other versions of this wine that we can’t resist it.

Make sure to add Sevnica castle wine tasting to your bucket list. A variety of different wine tasting options are available, some of which include accompanying degustation Sevnica Castle menus. Dozens of mostly local wines are displayed ground floor of the northeast tower, many of which can only be purchased here or from the producers themselves. Well worth the visit.

Another specialty of this region is the first chocolate wine ever produced in Slovenia. Go for wine tasting at Hiša trt, vina in čokolade, Kunej, but make sure to make an appointment. We promise, it will take you into the world of sensual pleasure and comfort. Best served with selected desserts, like dark chocolate, truffles, forest berries, and can also be excellent foundation for the preparation of cocktails. 

When wine meets chocolate … Can you think of anything better? 🙂 We can’t!


Amon is the restaurant in Olimje overlooking the golf course and it’s perfect if you’re looking to combine a sport’s activity with a culinary delight. This restaurant has a wide range of food choice, only uses local and seasonal products, grown in their own garden. Their dishes are cooked following the old, traditional recipes, especially  „kozjanska“ mushroom soup and „prežganka“ which are what they’re famous for. You will definitely not find pre-prepared food on their menus. Overall, it is divine.


Restaurants Jurg and Krpan are the two restaurants that serve a very traditional, local and tasteful food for a reasonable price (especially lunch menus). Favourites are “zaseka” appetiser and chocolate ball dessert in Jurg, and house specialties in Krpan — there really is something for every taste. Check the menu here.


If you’re looking to stop for a snack washed down with a glass of wine, Pomona farm is a very authentic place that serves a good selection of salami and locally made cheese and oil. A must try here is a local food called “jerpica” (baked bread with cracklings, best while served still a little warm). After enjoying your cold cuts this place is perfect for those looking to pamper and get some fresh air at their natural pool in the midst of forest.

Another great and affordable quick bite stop is Kozjanski dvor in Kozje. Favourite was a heart shaped pizza made in the bread oven, but they also offer fish dishes, such as Kozjansko trout, homemade cheeses, burgers, other meat specialties and even veggie dishes. The outside terrace is overlooking the beautiful pond.


One of the great pit-stops you should also add to your list (especially if traveling by bike) is a Touristic farm Grobelnik where everything is homemade and cooked according to the house recipes. The feasts are excellent accompanied by home-made drinks. Highly recommended.


Slovenian cuisine is full of surprises. A special event worth adding to your bucket list is a Festival of Salami (“Salamiada”) happening every year on March 10th, to honour the cold meats. Why is it special? The fans of salami have been organising the Salami Festival since 1962, so it is considered to be the oldest in Slovenia, and only men are allowed to participate at this festival.

Moreover, the Posavje region is one of the best Slovenian and even European areas of the Blue Franconian wine, which is why an event “Festival Modre Frankinje” (The Blaufränkisch Wine Festival) is held every year in June in the beautiful ambiance of the park of Sevnica Castle. It is dedicated to this variety where along with the accompanying culinary offer, numerous Blue Franconian growers from all wine-growing areas present themselves.

Every year in September there is also a gastronomic event one can’t miss — it’s called Mesec okusov Posavja (a month of Posavje flavors).

You can check the current culinary events happening here and here.


If you’ll find yourself crossing the border over to Croatia, make sure to stop at Vuglec Breg in the heart of Zagorje, located between beautiful green hills, to try the legendary homemade “Zagorski Štrukli” dish.

Isn’t the choice of food in this region just fabulous? If you like rich, home-made, local food then you need to look no further. You already know your next stop! 🙂

PS. If you end up exploring this area rich in history and nature by bike like we did, you can read more about our cycling trip and itinerary in this blog post.

Disclaimer: The activity is part of the RIDE & BIKE II project, co-financed in the Interreg V-A Slovenia-Croatia program. As always, we’ll never recommend a destination/service that we don’t love ourselves.

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Food trips are our favourite trips. If you have done a food trip recently, we would love to hear about your experience and where did you go! If any of you guys have questions or information regarding anything to do with our trip let us know. Please lets have a chat in the comment box below! 🙂

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