April 9, 2020

Our top reasons for creating a new site that looks and feels like us

Being full-time bloggers, we have always known that having a custom and unique site is extremely important for our business. This is why we are listing below our top tips on HOW TO launch with confidence and our main reasons WHY: 

  • TO STAND OUT IN THE ONLINE WORLD – There is a sea full of blogs online. In fact, statistics say that between 30,000 to 100,000 websites get launched every single day! It does seem like everyone owns a website nowadays as it is so essential for any business really. That is why it is so much more important to create a beautiful website that truly sets you apart online. And while doing it, you don’t want your site to look like you’re doing it for a hobby. Because hobby would mean you are focused on yourself, when in reality you should be focusing on the reader and those whom your site serves. It is the first thing anyone is going to notice when they first visit your site, and this is why we strongly believe it is absolutely worth investing instead of just getting a free theme or buying a low-priced, non-customizable theme. To stand out you need a website that looks like you, feels like you, and is anything but generic.
  • AUDIENCE – Your focus should be your audience. Not only to impress them with how gorgeous and professional your site is, but also to better connect with them. When they see your blog as a business, a reader can see how you can help them solve their problems, how they will change as a reader, or what type of transformation you will take them through. It is becoming increasingly important for (small) businesses to develop a strong web presence to engage and communicate with their readers/customers. Being high quality also means trust-worthy and relevant. After all, you want your readers to read your entire article and then browse other posts and discover different sections of your blog. If they get discouraged at the first glance because your design is messy, they won’t even get to the second paragraph. And they sure won’t come back.
  • REBRANDING – It is really important that the theme speaks to your own brand, matches your style and represents who you are as a blogger and as a person. This means a big step forward for your business and an actual income as your clients will get a sense of your business character, vision and the personality of a company. You will build trust and they will more likely choose you instead of someone else. In fact, in the 1st week of launching our brand new site we’ve been approached by 30 % more clients and our Inboxes are now getting fuller by 50 %. 

If you’ve read through the above top 3 reasons, you’re already half way there, friend! So, keep reading to see HOW…

We wrote more about how our idea of our new site came to life in this article, but we’re going deeper this time. There are millions of site themes out there which can be somewhat cool, but they usually come with a major disadvantage (along with limited features and functionality) which is not being able to customise them yourself without having the proper knowledge. Being restricted in this way means you are not able to flourish in your own business. And this can really get frustrating, especially when you aren’t able to evolve a distinct and strong branding. On top, they are being used by many other people and since customisation is so limited, you’ll hardly make it in this “little” internet world.

So not knowing Photoshop or coding, but ready to get your ideas out to the world, here is what you need: you need an easy to edit website template created for boss people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and make magic! It took us about half a year to discover Tonic, who make all the heavy lifting when it comes to the design aspect. And yes, we’re willing to share that information for free, but don’t all go buying the same theme and copy our work, haha. Make your own magic! The themes available are highly customizable, you can easily change the colors, images and text to reflect your brand. It’s the simplest drag-and-drop platform you’ll love and it all comes with a WordPress blog integration. 

We split down the steps how to build-up your brand new site here: 

  1. Choose one of the ahhhmazing templates from here (Paloma, Amaretto Sour & French 75 are our favourites. And if you’re wondering which one is ours – Cosmopolitan, and we love it!)
  2. Receive a “design key” in your email
  3. Apply the design key to your Showit account
  4. Start customizing your site
  5. Launch and pop the champagne (& let the compliments roll in)

And if you encounter any problems, their team offer a lifetime support. You’ll also get a detailed installation instructions and tutorials.

Ready to DIY your site AND achieve your vision in doing so? You’ve got all the information to launch your site like a BOSS! And if there’s something we forgot, we are also always available to chat.

Oh, and almost forgot our sweet deal – for the creatives who give a damn!

Or pin it for later!

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