September 26, 2018

Hard Rock Hotel Davos – so much more than merely a place to stay!

We had a short break & wanted to explore somewhere totally new, not our usual typical tropical destination or a place saturated all over the online world, so we chose to head somewhere in the mountains for 4 days instead, to get fresh air, a mix of relaxing and getting new different content!

We feel happy with our decision to spend it at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos. Alpine town Davos is the highest city in the whole of Europe at the 1560 m above sea level and it was our first time staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, which we’ve been wanting to do for so long. It’s so unique really. They even let you borrow their guitars and record players for in-room jam sessions. The whole place is full of memorabilia of the most famous singers and artists, we’ve even had one of Jimi Hendrix in our own room! We’ll tell you more about the hotel throughout this blog post, but let’s start with our first day.

Arriving at our destination with the most scenic ride through high peaks, numerous lakes, and villages, we were greeted by Lea on our arrival to show us around. Check-in was seamless and we took a few hours off to relax after our trip. Uroš quickly got busy playing on the guitar before our dinner at the restaurant Sessions. It was Mexican night, so Uroš went for it, and I decided to try out their specialty Wagyu burger. All the food is homeland produced and very authentic, the waitress will proudly repeat this numerous times. And it was so good. We took some cocktails to go with and to celebrate our trip. After dinner, the hotel had organized a very cool concert in their own chapel (!) – they brought a band called Al Pride to play for us. Must admit, we haven’t heard about them before that, but their music was fantastic. We enjoyed the night off, went to bed early enough to get some good rest for the next day.

The following day we had breakfast on the rooftop, to soak up the sun and enjoy the views of the Davos town, church & surrounding mountains. After, we took a gondola up to Schatzalp hill, said hi to some cows (watch our stories highlights on Instagram) and went back down to cook ourselves some lunch in our own spacious and brand new equipped kitchen. We were taking photos for the rest of the afternoon and went to bed early once again – it was too comfy to slip into our guitar bedsheets!

We loved spending our time in our suite as we felt so much at home, we’ve had the largest balconies (yes, plural) and comfiest loungers. We also loved the hotel’s rooftop as it was so eye-relaxing.

On the third day, we took a gondola up to the Jakobshorn, 2590 m above sea level. We could see the mountains as far as the eye could see. Even if the wind was blowing insanely and we wished we would put on a few more layers, we still walked around the area to see the beautiful horizons, even a lake (!) and filmed some drone shots. There were plenty of hikers and bikers sharing this breathtaking panorama with us.

Even if the views were our favorite thing, we were impatiently waiting to go back to our hotel because we had a private movie night planned at the spa. And it really couldn’t have gone better. We got popcorn, wine, our own floaties and Mama Mia movie volume ON! We’ve made our own funny movie (about Uroš being late to our floating movie date), as we’ve had so much fun! See it in our IG highlights!

It was our last day, so we figured we haven’t tried the hotel’s electric bikes yet, so obviously it was a must. We drove all the way to the next valley and took a train up to the mountains. It was nearly freezing this day and the weather was moody, we put ALL our layers on this time, but never felt frostier lungs. We wouldn’t trade it for the views though. Once the red train goes up hills it’s a magical scenery. We can’t imagine how it must look like when the mountains are all covered in white snow.

Coming back to the hotel we decided to indulge in their amazing Rock Spa some more, went for another wet heat session and sauna to warm up.

It was a sad day as we were leaving. After we said goodbye to the friendly hotel’s staff, they took us to the train station and it was 2,5 hours drive to get to Zürich Airport. We’ve enjoyed a couple of last moments on this magical train ride, taking it all in. We realized then and there that it is no wonder people would drive up to 10 hours just to visit this place as this is the only Hard Rock Hotel in Europe’s mainland. It is absolutely impressive considering how different it is from any other hotel. The whole place is like a real music rock star monument and you get to be the star in it, too! Like a playground for adults! Oh, we’ve had so much fun, we agreed we’ll definitely return here this year once the slopes will be white and we’ll take the skis out!

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    I will be popping up more here!! Lovely to finally be able to introduce myself.

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