September 2, 2020

How we created our dream job — our personal story

We put a Q&A on our Instagrams last month and there’s been loads of questions like how did we start and what’s our story behind our content. We realized we probably don’t share this often enough, so thought why not write a blog about it — it might inspire you to follow your dreams, too. Read through if you want to know how we created our dream job.

I (Lara) first created my IG page in the year of 2014 and it wasn’t until Uroš came along that we started posting more frequently about our travels (year 2016). We used to travel a lot because I was working as a flight attendant back then and I was able to get us tickets for 50 usd to just about anywhere in the world. Uroš was working as a banker at that time, and was very good with finances. Clearly, we were the perfect match. 🙂

Pretty early we started to fall in love with travel photography and as we wanted to keep traveling together, we were eager to make these dreams happen, even if starting from scratch and with practically zero knowledge about how to actually make it happen. We knew being our own bosses is the life we wanted to create for ourselves, not needing to wake up for the same routine every day (even if the routine would now be nice sometimes, haha). Seriously, we don’t know if we ever saw this coming. I guess if it weren’t for our previous jobs where we worked our asses off to save some money, we wouldn’t be able to take a year off to just travel and see where this gets us. Even if it wouldn’t work out, we didn’t care because that’s what we wanted to do with our savings anyways.

In the beginning we faced a lot of criticism/doubt from almost everyone and it wasn’t always easy to stick to our dreams. But as we kept traveling and experiencing some of the most beautiful world’s places and posting on our IGs, our accounts started to grow bigger and bigger. People online were loving what we were doing and kept supporting us, and different brands/tourism boards started noticing and reaching out to us. Quickly, we realized there’s much more behind Instagram than just pretty pictures.

Over the past couple of years, we eventually self taught ourselves everything. From photography and videography to web developing and marketing ourselves etc. It’s now been 3 years of using these skills to work with many different clients to create unique content around the world. We admit, while it is near impossible for us to distinguish work from day-to-day life, our photography doesn’t feel like work. When you love what you do, that will come through. It’s never boring, sometimes it’s even chaotic, and we need to be extremely flexible, but it is also very rewarding. There are things we could never afford to experience if it weren’t for our work. We never complain even if most of the times it means long working hours and basically never really leaving our “photographer’s brain at home”, because it’s something we love doing.

This is our long story short as we both transitioned into a full time entrepreneurs/bloggers/photographers/influencers — call it as you want, but all of this is possible because of YOU and your support. It’s obvious, we need to say it again and again and it’s never enough — THANK YOU!!

Because we wanted to do more than just say “thank you”, we have created a small guide. It’s for everyone who wants to start their own business but fear for what’s to come.


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Xx, L & U

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  1. Charlene says:

    Thank you so much for this! for being transparent and sharing so much. Im excited to start my blog, and i you have inspired me to keep trying.

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