June 10, 2018

Lake Como Travel Guide

Although we have visited Italy a handful of times, we have never quite made it to Lake Como but the destination has been on our radar for some time. And now that we’ve been? We know what we were missing out on!


Scooter is your best bet, as the roads are really narrow and if one not used to, it might be challenging and a whole lot of stress. If you opt for public transport, it’s made quite easy and friendly thanks to an extensive ferry service (fast & slow services) and public buses.


Hotel Belvedere Bellagio – beauty, glamour and tranquility all in one place. Hotel Belvedere Bellagio has a quiet spot on the still lake with most magnificent views of the surrounding mountains, ancient villages and exquisite villas.

If we’d have to choose our favorite view, we’d have a hard time deciding between the infinity pool or one of our three balconies, all overlooking the lake.

Charming views aside, though we will never forget them, what was the most outstanding was the warm welcome and the heartfelt hospitality. Their staff was at all times making sure we were relaxing enough! You might not going to believe us, but running both the social media channels and blog all by ourselves, this is actually something we both needed the most. We had forgotten we could feel this good! And then they went ahead and arranged breakfast in our bright room with a view on the lake, so we didn’t even need to get out of our bathrobes to eat. How convenient!

In the evening they advised us on the best choice of seasonal food and sensational wines, there was again a room preparation done for us and we were able to enjoy the mesmerizing Mediterranean specialties on our own private balcony with lake views, enjoying the cool breeze of the same mountains and some Andrea Bocelli music. If that’s even possible, it made the food taste even better. And I want to quote them on that: “This is not just fabulous food. It is a love letter to the landscape, to the lake and lush pastures you see before you that produced its fresh ingredients. And then there is dessert…”

Continuing on to our suite, private heaven, Italian-made furnishings and artifacts transported us to an era of traditional excellence. We were soaked in sunlight and fresh air from the private balcony and lake-view solarium. With a whirlpool bath and sumptuous living area, some of the best sleep we’ve had in ages, we felt like we’re on our honeymoon!

Moreover, their spa center is the real slice of heaven. There’s heated outdoor pool and jacuzzi, we’ve been soaking in most of our time, with Alpine views and in the midst of the lush green landscape. Then there’s a wellness area with an emotional shower, sauna, steam bath and a very nice relaxation area overlooking the lake. Unbeatable.


Restaurant La Terrazza Belvedere – they offer lake fish specialties such as risotto with perch fillet and they work a lot with local products, from fresh lake fish caught every night from a fisherman of Bellagio to cheeses produced in the local Latteria, to “prosciutto crudo Marco d’Oggiono”, which is produced nearby Lecco and the taste is pure pleasure, to the fresh herbs they grow in their own garden.

Otherwise, there’s no shortage of places to eat around the lake, and in the summertime, the lakeside promenades are busy with visitors dining al fresco at the many cafes and restaurants, so you’ll have a never-ending choice.



By far the most picturesque on the lake and easily most famous; located at the fork of the “Y” shape of the lake, they say it’s best to arrive by boat view-wise. We came by car, but the views were still great. What makes Bellagio so special is definitely its narrow alleys and stone streets. It is super small and tiny, so you can grab a gelato and enjoy exploring all parts of town. The promenade has some of the great restaurants with beautiful views. Make sure not to miss the Villa Melzi & Villa Serbelloni – both have stunning gardens. Tip? Stay in Bellagio as you’ll have the pleasure of having it to “yourself” once the daily visitors empty out. It is pretty touristy and can be packed during the peak hours of the day.


The real jewel and one of the best Lake Como attractions. It is not as overrun with tourists as Bellagio but is just as charming. It still has cute narrow passageways, colorful buildings and a great choice of restaurants. Plus, it is only 15 minutes ferry ride away (return ticket is 10 EUR per person).


One of the cutest spots along Lake Como, there’s a small bridge and waterfall (Falls and Orrido). It’s a great place to spend some time and take photos at.


The lake’s main town sits where the southern and western shores converge; we haven’t spent much time here but just passing by with the car, felt like other places were more unspoiled and genuine. It is supposed to be a shopper’s paradise, famous for its silk production, so go crazy. 

You can go hunt for villas owned by celebrities, like George Clooney and Richard Branson – it is easy to see why many people purchased their homes and take their holidays to Lake Como.


May to September is the best time to visit, except if you don’t like crowds then you might want to avoid visiting from June until the end of August.


The lake is impressive in size, so at least 3-4 nights stay, which will allow you enough time to see the highlights and still leave you wanting more. There are so many cute corners, everywhere you look you’ll be greeted with spectacular views, so it’s best to plan well ahead to be able to appreciate the gorgeous scenery all around you.


  • Camera, to capture those beautiful, romantic moments
  • Big stomach, for all the amazing food

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We lake you, Lake Como. Been yet?  

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  1. vatemala says:

    Excellent writing. These lakes in Italy are special. And most of all, Italian food. I’ve been making saliva when I read your blog😋😋

  2. Katrina says:

    Beautiful post you guys! I love that, even though it was a bit cloudy and not “ideal” weather, you captured the feeling and romance of Italy. Definitely an awesome guide for anyone going 🙂

  3. Tony & Robynne Arnouts says:

    What a great travel blog, thank you both. We live in Sydney Australia and we too had the pleasure of visiting Lake Come, staying in Bellagio at the Hotel Belvedere in 2008, and could not agree more with your beautiful comments and photographs. Thank you for stirring up some wonderful memories. We loved the Hotel Belvedere, such a lovely homely hotel. Ciao, Tony & Robynne

    • Hi Tony & Robynne,

      Thanks so much for these lovely thoughts! Made us so happy to read this as we felt the same, it’s always good to share and bring nack memories! Hope we’ll all be back in this place on day!

      Have a wonderful week, xx

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