December 1, 2020

The ultimate guide to Posavje castles, and more

Posavje region is bursting with spellbinding castles that will leave you breathless. Amongst centuries old forests, there are medieval Slovenian castles, Renaissance, Baroque, some of them in ruins while others are now museums or beautiful hotels in which you can stay overnight.

They may not be as well-known as some of Slovenia’s famous fortresses, but these fairytale castles are no less enchanting. Get off the beaten track and uncover these lesser-known gems of Posavje.


Today, Sevnica Castle is one of Posavje’s most visited tourist attractions and for a good reason too. Here you can learn about the castle’s role in Slovenian history. Inside the castle itself, you’ll find some gems that you’ll want to discover and see for yourself. This includes, among many things, the tower with frescoes of the four seasons, the school collection, the firefighter collection, and the castle chapel.

This more than 700 years old castle also hosts a museum, gallery collection, festivals, and of course, vineyard. One must not leave without tastings of local wines in the winery and the cellar. Our favourite is the Blue Franconian growing on its castle hill, called “Grajska kri”.

Walk atop castle and you’ll also be rewarded by magnificent views of the old town Sevnica below and the Sava river.

Information about visiting can be found here.


A castle that connects Posavje region with Kozjansko or so called “Slovenia’s most royal castle”, nestled into the rolling hills of regional park of Kozjansko, is wonderfully preserved and rich with cultural activities. You can also spend a night, like we did, if you’re looking for a leisure holiday inspired by romance and history. If you’re not interested in that, the castle still houses several exhibitions; France Slana paintings, glassworks, local historical artworks, and a history of the castle. 

Read more about Podsreda Castle here.


The castle that impresses visitors with its fresco paintings in the Knight’s Hall (“Viteška dvorana”). It is a unique example of secular baroque fresco painting in the Slovenian territory. It is also the place where visitors can listen to concerts and attend various other events, while admiring the scenes from the Roman and Greek mythologies.

Visiting information can be found on their website.


A former medieval Mokrice Castle is today a refurbished high category boutique hotel, restaurant, and 18 hole golf course. It is surrounded by a 200-year-old English park and is a stone’s throw from the Croatian border and great spa options.

Spend the night in the Mokrice Castle and experience the luxury of the castle.

Booking information can be found here.


Rajhenburg Castle built in the 16th century sits along the Sava River. It was home to the only Trappist Monastery in Slovenia. They produced chocolate and liquor. In the castle today is a museum where you can learn more about the Trappists, local history, vintage photography, and WWII exhibitions. Specialty here is that you can buy a chocolate wine in the castle’s shop!

More information can be found here.


From the 16th-century, Olimje Castle is now a Franciscan monastery. It also houses one of Europe’s oldest pharmacies which you can see an exhibition on today. There’s also a cute pond, a garden of medicinal herbs, and one for chocolate lovers that is not to be missed — the chocolate factory.

For more information check their official site.


Located a short drive from Slovenian border, this 15th-century castle is known for its beauty. At 333 meters above sea level, it has dominated the Zagorje area for over half a millennium. The impressive view from Veliki Tabor stretches over the entire Croatian Zagorje area and part of Slovenia. You’ll love roaming around its lush gardens with views over the valleys below.


If you have any questions about visiting the castles above or planning your trip to Posavje and Kozjansko region please feel free to reach out.

Disclaimer: The activity is part of the RIDE & BIKE II project, co-financed in the Interreg V-A Slovenia-Croatia program. As always, we’ll never recommend a destination/service that we don’t love ourselves.

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