January 26, 2020

What to pack for a Morocco road-trip

Deciding what to bring to Morocco can be challenging because chances are you will be traveling from -3°C to 30°C. It’s a volatile climate that changes swiftly from the Sahara Desert to the top of the Atlas Mountains to the frying-pan heat of Marrakech. Believe us, you’ll not want to skip reading this article.

Below are the key items to pack for your Morocco trip:

  • Scarves – both out of respect to local customs and to protect from the heat, scarves are the best travel accessory in Morocco
  • Loose-fitting pants & long skirts + maxi dresses for the ladies to cover up. Pick loose, breathable materials preferably made out of natural fibers
  • Several different outfits for all kinds of weather – The High Atlas Mountains can be cold, so having a light sweater proves surprisingly necessary (plus, it is great to have one on the always freezing international flights). Winter socks for Sahara as nights get really cold. Swimsuits are also needed, especially if you’re traveling in summer – it is incredible to cool off and evade the heat in one of the Marrakech’s riad pools
  • Same as for the clothing goes for the footwear – you’ll need sneakers in the High Atlas, sandals in Marrakech, flip flops at the Sahara camp – bring suitable shoes for wherever you’re going
  • Hat and sunscreen – protect yourself from the blazing sun
  • Sunglasses – good for the sun, but also for avoiding eye contact with street vendors
  • It goes without saying that keeping a bottle of water nearby in Morocco is necessary
  • Toiletries – if you’re particular about the kind of toiletries and brands, we recommend bringing plenty from home (there aren’t many options to shop)
  • Backpack – we used rolling luggage while we were there, but we would highly recommend a backpack as it wasn’t the easiest to get around especially with cobbled streets in Marrakech and sand in the desert. Obviously, if you’re only coming to stay in luxury hotels, then luggage is the way to go. Plus, there are just SO many things to buy in Morocco, you’ll wish you packed a bigger suitcase! Does anyone come to Morocco without the intention of doing some serious shopping?

Things you always need when traveling (doesn’t apply only to Morocco but it’s good not to forget)

  • Electrolyte tablets – if you should, unfortunately, get a dodgy tummy, these handy tablets are crucial for keeping you hydrated and giving your body the necessary vitamins needed to avoid dehydration
  • Powerbank – most handy while traveling Sahara (there is little to almost zero options to charge your phone when visiting and you’ll want to have your phone charged to snap those great memories)
  • Adaptor – something you always need while traveling
  • Hand sanitizer – super-handy way to always keep your hands always clean

Thank us later! 🙂

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